Şehmus @ByKopuK
One day, a man enters the mosque with a huge knife in his hand and asks the congregation: – Is there anyone who is a Muslim? The congregation could not speak out in fear, after the silence an old uncle stood up: - He says I am a Muslim. The man with the knife and the old uncle come out of the mosque, pointing to the herd of cows outside and saying: – Uncle says I will sacrifice these, but I couldn't do it, can you help me. After the old uncle sacrificed a lot, he says, I'm tired, find someone else. This time, the man enters the mosque with a bloody knife and asks: – Are there any other Muslims among you? Seeing that the knives are bloody, the congregation thinks that they cut the old uncle and, more afraid, suddenly looks at the imam of the mosque, the imam says: - What are you looking at, did we become Muslims right away because we made our son pray a few rak'ahs?