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Basics of Fullsepp

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In this article, we explain what Fullsepp does in brief.

What does the word "Fullsepp" mean?

Fullsepp is an abbreviation of the “Full Self-Publishing Platform”.

"Self-Publishing" is the publication of media by its author without the involvement of an established publisher

What is Fullsepp?

Fullsepp is a combination of blogs, social media, and marketplace.

Our motto is "Publish Content, Earn Royalty!"

What do users earn as a member of Fullsepp?

Users can earn both sales and advertising revenue.

Fullsepp is the only platform that can offer these two features at the same time. For example, there is a marketplace on Facebook, but you cannot sell directly in that marketplace as on Amazon or eBay. You must direct it to your own site. In Fullsepp, there is no need for an additional extension or your own website.

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What is the unique feature of Fullsepp?

"Distribution of royalty income"

For each version in different languages, each copyright owner may earn a different rate of income.

For example, you published your article in Turkish and you earn 70%. Then you can hire a translator for English translation and divide the revenue of your English publication by 35% to 35%. In this way, while you continue to earn 70% in Turkish writing, you can earn an extra 35% from English translation.

Who is Fullsepp's target audience?

Our main target audience is writers.

Photographers, designers, translators, and publishing houses are also among our target audience.

What is Fullsepp's goal?

Our goal is to be a platform that will meet all the needs of a content producer.

What can be written in Fullsepp?

There is no subject and genre limit in Fullsepp.

Whether you write a 1-page blog or share a 500-page book, the choice is yours.

You can write in many genres such as novels, stories, poems, academic articles, scripts, plays, or blogs.

What should be done to better understand Fullsepp's features?

If you haven't watched our promotional video, please watch it first.

(Screenshot from the promotional video. Click for the big picture)

Then sign up.

The 10-minute new member promotion tour starts when you first login after becoming a member. This tour is not mandatory, but if you complete this, you will get a much better understanding of what Fullsepp does.

We also announce the developments on our Fullsepp Blog page. From there, you can follow current information.

How can I contact Fullsepp?

You can reach us at [email protected]

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