Özgür Çağdaş @Ozgur_Cagdas_2

Human Machine - Short Film Script

Pre Note, on this page, I explain the writing process of the script. If you wish, you can skip below and start reading the script directly from the next page.

While I was writing this script, I was working as a copywriter at an advertising agency. I was writing boring telemarketing texts like “Call Now 0800 xxxx-xxx, and buy this awesome vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner that you can sweep the floors as you never sweep before”.

At that time, I was taking Neuroscience (Neuroscience) class at university. There was a hypothesis. What you call the human soul is the electrical conduction in the synapses, What you call the human body is the sum of the atoms. If you can set up the same atomic sequence and electric current, you can create same person with same emotions. This hypothesis had influenced me.

(Note: What is meant by atomic sequence is far beyond DNA sequence. You have the same DNA, but if you are 50 kilograms, you are different human beings. If you are 150 kilograms, you are different. If you are 1 year old, you are different if you are 70 years old. etc..)

By combining these 2 events, I created a background for the script as follows:

As you know, many technological things are first developed or buy by military and / or companies. Then, as it becomes cheaper and widespread, it is used by young people. Later, it becomes more common and middle-aged people start to use it. The advertisements I wrote were generally targeting housewives.

Suppose that in the future a human replicator machine has been found.

This machine works like this. It has a reservoir where you can put raw materials, like 100 grams of iron, 200 grams of hydrogen, 1 kilogram of oxygen, 3 kilograms of carbon atoms, etc. You select what kind of human you want from interface of this machine. It arranges those atoms according to the human model you want, and creates the human you want.

This tool is so widespread that it is now time for middle age people especially housewives.

let's assume that there is a importer company of this machine. And this importer company has prepared an advertorial / tele marketing ad for this product.

And we watch this commercial on TV.

In short, this short film script is a TV commercial of this human machine.

With this script, I was accepted to the Berlin Film Festival, Talent Campus. (along with my 2 other scripts)

In addition, Ceyhan Kapusuz, who worked in the visual effects of giant Hollywood productions such as Venom, Wonder Woman, etc., made the 3d model of the human machine shorthand. The cover picture is a frame from the movie. You can also watch the movie at the end of the script.

Finally, this script is available in both Turkish and English. You can read Turkish translation from this link

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